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Co-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular Activities

CO- Curricular Activities

Pie day is celebrated every year on 22ndjuly. (22/7=3.14..) Seminars, and dept. wise Mathematics quiz programmes were organised by the department Certificates and trophies were given to the winners

Math Fest ‘18.  As part of the National Mathematics day celebrations, a Tribute to the  Indian mathematics  genius Sreenivasa Ramunujan the department organised  a programme  “Math Fest’ 18”   on 4th January 2019 . Aday dedicated for Maths puzzles, Maths tricks, games, brain teasers, discussions,and for the  film “The man who knew infinity”, a biopic of  S.Ramanujan . The College burser Rev Mathai Joseph inaugurated the fest and the Principal in charge Dr.Rajeev Thomas presided. Teachers, students, old students of the college and higher secondary school visited the fest.

Manuscripts Magazines

 Three hand-written manuscripts magazines Published by students

2014 MANTISSA Released by

the Principal



SIGMA Released by

the  HOD




GANITHA Released by

the Manager