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Curricular Activities

curricular activities


In partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of the Degree of B Sc Mathematics, each student of 6thsemester, has to select a topic related to Mathematics individually and carry out the detailed analysis. Each teacher will monitor the project work of 7 students of the department. It helps to improve the interest of students in the subjects and to develop their presentation skills and leadership qualities .A model project work on the topic Group theory is given in the university website for better understanding

2018-2019   Details of Project work of students

Prof. Thomas Mathew   HOD
Mathematics In Population Growth Pranav.C.M
Mathematics In Astrology Arun.A
Basic Signal Processing Anagha Rajasekaran
Colouring In Graph Theory Anjali
Mathematics In Game Vimal.K
Networking In Graph Theory Sajith Kumar. E.S
Trees Muneeb
Vedic Maths MHD Rahees.M
Fuzzy Sets Jishnu Prasad
Cryptography Hiba A.P
Mathematics In Astronomy Syamjith.P
Arithmetic Functions And Dirichlet’s Multiplication Aswathy Satheesh
Differential Equation Zenna P.H
Rubic’s Cube Devika
Boolean Algebra Pournami
Architecture Leya Susan Juby
Fluid Dynamics Drusya
Ideals Aswathy .V
Combinatorics In Mathematics Shifanath
Mathematics Of DNA Varsha
Extension Field Navya
Egyptian Mathematics William Mathew

Seminars,( students)/ viva-voce

Seminars topics are selected by students individually. 25% of their internal marks are given based on their performances in the seminar and viva voce.

Seminars Conducted by invited guest

Seminars were arranged every year by inviting faculty of the PG department of other colleges.

 Details of seminar conducted from 2014-18

Name  and Designation of the person who conducted Topics selected Date
Prof. Anas

MES autonomous College Mampad

Vedic Mathematics 7th  Nov 2018
Prof. Anas

MES autonomous College Mampad

“The Mathematics of beauty & The beauty of Mathematics” 18th Dec 2017
Prof.Mathai M J  MES College Mampad Signals As Applications Of Mathematics 20th Feb 2016
A film showing Life & contributions of S.Ramunjan A Man Who Knew Infinity 18th  Nov 2016
Mrs.Divya TK

Mar Thoma College

Graph Theory 28th Oct 2015
Prof. Anas

MESCollege Mampad

Introductions to Quarternions 5th Nov 2014
Prof.Thomas Mathew HOD Mar Thoma College History Of Pie 22nd July 2014


Assignments are given to students after the completion of each topic as the part of their learning process.

Open course

As the part of university curriculum,  Dept.opted an Open course on ” Mathematics for Natural Sciences” for 5th semester students of  other departments

Certificate course

A certificate course on Vedic Mathematics for interested mathematics students was started and was inaugurated by Prof.Anas of MES autonomous college Mampad . 29 students joined this course

Bridge course

Mathematics is never a subject that can be taught without generating interest .the department arranged bridge course  for students do not have enough basic knowledge in mathematics This bridge course will not only build confidence and passion in mathematics but also update or build upon their mathematical skills.

Best practices (curriculum)

     Open day